Easy Guitar Song

Learn to play some easy songs on guitar with tab for beginners.

Easy guitar song : what is it ?

As you can imagine, there is literally no “easy song” on guitar. The rhythm, the finger positions, the right hand work…. These are things you have to learn and practice every day to improve your playing. And note : the guitar is not like the bicycle. If you stop for a month, even if you are one of the best, you have to start again with enthusiasm.

But if you are just starting to play and don’t know many chords, then you will be able to learn and sing a few songs with your guitar without much trouble.

If you want to learn more, watch for other classes like the lesson about the barre chords.

You will have understood, when we talk about easy songs, we mean songs with simple chords – that is, at the beginning, without barre chords and with few fingers on the neck – and that, of course, are few.

On this page, we have put together some of our tabs that you can look at and learn without any problem even if you are a beginner.

How to learn easy guitar song with chords ?

To learn these songs, the first thing you will need to do is learn the necessary chords. On many websites, you always have to mouse over the chord letter to see the position. Or else you have the option to learn the basics chords before looking at some tab.

But we do not advise you to download a file with all the chords and get lost in the multitude of positions you will have.

Note that there is a much more comfortable and playful technique to learn by playing.

In Decibel Score, for each song and each tab that you can download, you have at the beginning all the necessary chords in the order in which they appear.

easy guitar song

To find these tab to download for free in pdf, you can search the music you like in the menu and go to the end of the entry to find there.

This technique is much easier and much more comfortable to learn and practice chords. Indeed, it will allow you to read the tablature (lyrics and chords) and play while looking at the positions at the same time.

Learn more :

If you need, you have also for each guitar chords | tab that we propose in Decibel Score an entry that explains you step by step, verse after verse, which chords you have to learn and know, which are the lyrics of the music and how, when and where you have to play your chord.

And watch for all our chords | lessons | guitar tab on Decibel Score.

Our easy songs on guitar

Here is a list of easy song.

These easy songs that you have here below are :

  • easy songs with few chords : seven maximum
  • easy positions without a lot of fingers to put

We hope they will make you music easier !