Pulp Fiction Chords

Easy tutorial for beginners with some explanations, the tab, the lyrics and the chords to play Misirlou from the movie Pulp Fiction on guitar.

Pulp Fiction with chords

We will therefore only look at grid with part 1 and part 2.

If you do not know the song very well, I advise you to play the music and listen to it several times, until it gets into your head, and look at the grid a little by listening to it.

Verse 1 of the song Misirlou

Here are the chords you will be using for verse 1 (and the whole song) :

chords pulp fiction

When you master those chords, you can follow the next grid to play verse 1 :

The grid is read from left to right, from top to bottom. Each square represents a measure of 4 beats (one, two, three, four, if you count the rhythm).

If a square is divided in two OR if two, three or four chords appear, you will know that you have to play them in a four beat measure. If you don’t succeed, watch my videos or listen to the music, as it is sung/played at this time and do the same.

pulp fiction guitar

Part 2 of the Pulp Fiction music

To play the chorus, you don’t need to know any new chords. So when you master the previous chords, you can follow this grid to play the end of Misirlou :

pulp fiction tab

Pulp Fiction video with tab

If you want to play another movie song, maybe try the Disney Coco La Llorona.

Pulp Fiction lyrics

The song Misirlou from the movie Pulp Fiction is an oriental music that has lyrics in Greek and Arabic. But the most famous versions are instrumental.

This music is interesting to improvise. For that, you can try different scales like the pentatonic blues guitar scale or the flamenco guitar scale.

Easy score for beginners

The following score is a “home-made” easy score for beginners that we created according to the above frameworks and explanations.

This summarizes everything we just covered. You can download it for free to play the song Misirlou from the movie Pulp Fiction on guitar.