Learn Guitar with Chords and Tabs

On Decibel Score, you’ll be able to learn to play guitar with chords.

We’ll guide you step by step so that you learn at your own pace. For each song and music, we offer you a personalized article with a guitar tab and a free score as well as a YouTube video of explanation.

Learn to play guitar with Decibel Score

Play guitar can seem complicate and you might be a little scared at first looking the music score.

On Decibel-Score, nothing complicated.

We’ll guide you step by step so that you can understand the melody, the lyrics, the chords, the tab and that, finally, you leave our site playing and singing the songs you like.

How to play guitar with chords and tabs

There are three things necessary to play music on the guitar :

  • Listen to the music, listen to it again, and again…
  • Learn and know the chords by heart,
  • Live the theme or the song.

Playing is already entering the intimacy of the song and trying to reveal its secret…

To be able to live the theme, you must know about the composer, the singer and the creation of the work. Each one contains a secret.

That’s why we tell you a story for each song that we recommend you to read.

Learn to sing with lyrics

We give you, for each song, the complete lyrics.

Whether a melody is composed from lyrics or lyrics are written from music

… Melody and lyrics walk together on the path of the song. 

So, for each music, we do the same work. We analyze the structure of the lyrics and we work the melody from this structure.

Learn to play with chords

The analysis of the lyrics begins in the “chords” part.

We explain in this part how the melody follows the lyrics: if it is repeated in each stanza, in each part… If it changes and how and when it happens.

We give you little by little the useful chords that you have to learn. Finally, we show you each part and each stanza with a tab where you can play following the lyrics.

Learn to play guitar with score

For each song, you will find at the end of the page a score in pdf format for free download.

The document we offer you contains the chords and the lyrics with the tab.