Tico Tico Chords

Tutorial with some explanations, tab, score and chords to play the music Tico Tico chords by Zequinha de Abreu on guitar.

On this page you will find :

The chords with explanations

The score PDF

Tico Tico no Fuba with chords

The introduction and the three parts of Tico Tico are not played in the same way.

So we will look every part with chords and tab.

Introduction of the music

Here are the chords you sould work on and master before playing the introduction :

tico tico chords

When these positions are ready, you can follow the next tab to play Tico Tico no Fuba :

Remember that the chords are written above the notes so that you can play them at the right time.

tico tico no fuba

Tico Tico chords | Part 1

For the first part, you need to know two new chords.

tico tico

When the previous ones and the news are mastered, you can look the next tab :

tico tico guitar

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Part 2 of the song

To play the second part, you don’t have to know other guitar chords. Just follow :

tab tico tico no fuba

Tico Tico no Fuba | Part 3

Then comes the third and final part. For this part 3, you must know new chords in addition to the previous ones :

tab guitar

When the previous and the news are ready, you can play this last tab :


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PDF Score of Tico Tico for guitar

The following score is a “home-made” PDF score that we created according to the above frameworks and explanations.

This score summarizes everything we just covered. You can download it for free to play Tico Tico no Fuba by Zequinha de Abreu on guitar.