Entre Dos Aguas Chords

Easy tutorial for beginners with some explanations, the tab and the chords to play the Flamenco music Entre Dos Aguas chords from Paco de Lucia on guitar.

Entre Dos Aguas chords and tab to accompaniment

Entre Dos Aguas is a theme by Paco de Lucia. This music is a Rumba, one of the less complex styles of Flamenco.

We will see how to play the accompaniment and the bass.

In the next part, we will see how to play the melody on the guitar with our tablature.

Chords of the music

Here are the three chords you will need to master to play the whole song :

entre dos aguas chords

When this positions are ready and mastered, you can continue by following the next explanations.

You will be able to play songs in the Latin style like the famous bolero Quizas, Quizas, Quizas on the guitar.

Play the accompaniment of Entre dos Aguas

To play the accompaniment to the music, you can look at the following tab or rather “grid” with the help of the previous chords :

The grid is read from left to right, from top to bottom. Each square represents a measure of 4 beats (one, two, three, four, if you count the rhythm).

If a square is divided in two OR if two, three or four chords appear, you will know that you have to play them in a four beat measure. If you don’t succeed, watch my videos or listen to the music, as it is sung/played at this time and do the same.

entre dos aguas guitar

So you will alternate between three chords: Am, Bm and B7. If you wish, you can make seventh chords: Am7 and Bm7.

An important advice I can give you is to prefer the positions of A minor and B minor in barre chord on the 5th and 7th fret with the bass in E string. Indeed, bar chords always sound better when all the strings are sounded.

Note of bass line on guitare

Finally and to finish the part ‘accompaniment’, I give you the tab of the bass line :

entre dos aguas tab

You can play this bass line at the same time as the chords, using only the thumb, but it can also be played by another guitarist.

Entre Dos Aguas video with tab

Entre Dos Aguas guitar riff and tab for guitar

When the accompaniment is in place, it will be necessary to move on to the melody. It is another work and another apprehension of the piece.

On the guitar, it is not very usual to use a score (except in classical music). We often prefer the tab.

When you are ready, you can start reading the following tablatures and play the theme over the accompaniment:

guitar tab
paco de lucia tab

Find other guitar riff on Decibel Score.

Improvising with the scale on Entre dos Aguas

One last thing, and not the least : improvisation. Indeed, if you want to go a little further than the theme, which in the end lasts only a few seconds, you will have to improvise.

To do this, you can follow the pattern of the flamenco scale on guitar in the key of the piece, i.e. in Am, which I put next. Take a look at our guitar lessons to learn more about scales.

flamenco scale guitar

I hope this guitar tutorial with chords and tab will have helped you to play this nice Flamenco music : the Rumba Entre dos Aguas by Paco de Lucia.