All of Me Chords

Easy tutorial for beginners with some explanations, the tab, the lyrics and the chords to play the jazz standard song All of Me chords by Gerald Marks on the guitar.

PDF score for play All of Me on guitar

All of Me with chords

Verse 1 of All of Me for guitar

Here are the chords you will be using in verse 1 of All of Me chords.

These chords you need to know are many and I advise you to look for a while and practice these with your guitar before you start :

chords all of me

When you master those, you can follow the next tab to play verse 1 :

Remember that the chords are written above the lyrics so that you can play them at the right time. Therefore, it’s better to play while singing. Chords that are to the right of a uiphrase (not above a word) are played between the two phrases.

lyrics all of me
Tab text
Disse alguém
Que há bem no coração
Um salão
Dm DmM7 Dm7 Dm6
Onde o amor descansa
E7 Eb7 E7
Ai de mim
Am AmM7 Am7 Am6
Que estou tão sozinho
Vivo assim
Sem esperança

Verse 2 of the jazz All of Me

Here are the new four chords (in addition to the previous ones) that you will need to know this second verse of this jazz standard song All of Me.

guitar chords

When you have this positions ready, you can continue by following this tab to play the second verse with your guitar :

guitar all of me
Tab text
A implorar
E7 Eb7 E7 F E7
Alguém que não me quis
E feliz
Dm DmM7 Dm7 Dm6
Bem feliz seria
F Fm
Coração meu
CM7 A7
Convém descansar
D7 G7 CM7 C#dim7 Dm G7 CM7
Soluça, mas devagar

You can try to play this song in Gypsy Jazz style.

All of Me lyrics

The song All of Me chords from Franck Sinatra (in the Brazilian version of João Gilberto Disse Alguém) is composed of two parts with two verses each.

The structure of the lyrics is simple:

Part 1 – Part 2

Part 1

Disse alguém
Que há bem no coração
Um salão onde o amor descansa
Ai de mim, eu tão sozinho Vivo assim, sem esperança

A implorar alguém que não me quis
E feliz, bem feliz seria
Coração meu, convém descansar
Soluça, mas devagar

Part 2

Disse alguém
Disse que há bem no coração
Um salão, um salão dourado
Onde o amor sempre dança Ai de mim que só vivo tão sozinho
Vivo assim, vivo sem ter um terno carinho

A implorar alguém que não me quis
E feliz então eu sei
Bem sei que não mais seria Meu, meu coração tem esperança
E vive a chorar, soluçar
Como quem tem medo de reclamar

In the Gypsy Jazz style, you’ll find other standards like Autumn Leaves or the song of Money Heist Bella Ciao.

All of Me history

All of Me chords is a jazz standard from the beginning of the 20th century. This song, composed in 1931 by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons, became famous the same year because it was sung on the American radio by a very famous singer of that time : Belle Becker. Sung in the same decade by the great Billie Holiday and Franck Sinatra, All of Me becomes a hit.

More and more jazz musicians started to play All of Me in its melodic version. Thus, after being played by Louis Armstrong, Count Basie or the French Gipsy Jazz musician Django Reinhardt, it becomes a Jazz standard.

In its standard life, All of Me was played by greats such as Sidney Bechet or Duke Ellington.

Less known is the history of this music in Brazil and its encounter with Bossa Nova. In the 80′s, in the Bossa Nova era, the great João Gilberto made an adaptation of the jazz standard with guitar called Disse Alguém. The lyrics change, the meaning too, but there remains the rich melody of All of Me transformed into Bossa Nova and sung by João Gilberto with Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil.

This score summarizes everything we just covered. You can download it for free to play the jazz standard All of Me chords by Franck Sinatra on guitar.