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Tune your guitalele with our tuner guitalele online.

Our tuner guitalele online

As we saw in the entry on the small guitar, you can tune your guitalele online as a guitar. In this case, follow our guitar tuner.

But if you want to tune it in A – D – G – C – E – A, use our tuner guitalele online.

How to tune guitalele without tuner ?

To tune my guitalele without tuner, there is a simple technique.

For most strings, the note of the fifth corresponds to the string next to the air (except for the C string, where it is the fourth fret).


When you play the first string of A from the 5th fret, you have the note D which corresponds to the sound of the second string played in the air, as they are the same notes.

So to tune your guitalele by ear, you just have to play the two identical notes and try to match them. This is done by raising the neck all the way up.

When the second D string is tuned to the D note located on the fifth fret of the first A string, you can move to the next string by matching the G note located on the fifth fret of the second D string to the open third G string, etc.

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Generally, when we don’t have a tuner, we are left with one way : the ringing of our telephone. The beep we heard corresponds to the note A. So the only thing to do is to tune your first string of A and then, following the above technique, tune the other strings.

Learn mor with our guitar lessons.

To tune properly your guitalele, better have a tuner with you.

Enjoy your music !