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Tutorial with explanations to learn how to tune my guitar online and how to tune my guitar without tuner.

To tune my guitar without a tuner, there is a simple technique you have to know.

How to tune my guitar without tuner ?

Tune my guitar without tuner is based on the concordance of the notes of the guitar. Indeed, as we have seen in the course on guitar notes, for most strings, the note of the fifth fret corresponds to the next open string (except for the G string where it is the 4th fret).

Tune my guitar online

As you can see in the diagram above, the colors correspond to identical notes. For example, the note A, which is found (in blue) on the E string at the fifth fret, corresponds to the A string played open, etc.

By sounding this A from the 5th fret on the E string, you should normally find the same sound as the next string open, since they are the same notes.

To tune my guitar without a tuner, we just have to play these two identical notes and try, by tuning the A string open, to match them.

And then, when the A string is in tune with the A note on the E string AND THEREFORE with the E string, you can move to the next string by matching the two D notes.

You may find it difficult “by ear” to match the two notes. It is indeed quite precise and you need a sensitive ear to tune your guitar without tuner.

However, the secret is to focus on the vibrations. Indeed, when the notes seem to match but you hear vibrations (whoa, whoa, whoa), it’s not quite right yet.

Continue until you hear one sound without vibration by playing both notes at the same time.

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Tune my guitar : referential and online tuner

Of course i can tune my guitar without a tuner, but don’t forget that you’ll need a reference for at least one of the strings anyway.

Generally, when we have no way to perfectly tune at least one of our strings, there is one way left: the ringtone of our phone.

In principle, and this was true with calls that went through the air, the beep that we heard was an A note. So, all you had to do was make someone ring to tune their A string and then, following the previous technique, tune the other strings.

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Because if I tune my guitar using my first E string as a reference but it doesn’t really correspond to an E, my guitar will indeed be in tune. It will sound right if I play alone but you will be “wrong” if I play with other people who are “right”.

To tune my guitar properly, I strongly advise to have a tuner with me. If I can’t, at least i use my online guitar tuner.

Enjoy your music !